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Credit Financial Pro 

Signing Up is Easy, Follow The Steps Below To Get Started 

Please read the information below before submitting.

1. If you are in an active bankruptcy, we cannot legally accept you as a client. Your bankruptcy must be dismissed or discharged to be a client.

2. On any letter to the credit bureaus, they have to be able to identify the correct credit file. In this form you will be required to upload:

    A) Valid govt issued identification: unexpired Driver’s License or State ID, Military ID or Passport

     B) Proof of address: Utility bill, bank statement, insurance statement, insurance card, cable bill, gas bill, something official addressed to you at your home address. Credit card statements are not permitted

Are you signing up with a spouse? Your spouse will receive the separate Spouse Onboarding Form to fill out by text message after you submit this form.
Upload File
Upload File
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Payment information We Do Not Accept Pre-Paid Cards

Credit Card Payment

Your card will NOT be charged until you complete your onboarding and we have completed all of our initial work, which includes processing your credit report, completion of the initial credit audit (sent by email), preparation of documents to update/remove any conflicting personal information from your credit report and from the secondary databases and preparing your file for challenges.

Your monthly payments for previous work performed will be the same date every month. This date is determined by the date your first payment was processed. 

Individual Pricing: $250 for the setup/initial work and then $89 Monthly beginning 30 days after sign up. 

Couple Pricing: $400 for the setup/initial work and then $160 Monthly beginning 30 days after signing up. You will both need to have separate client portals.

Step 2: Credit Report 

To do a thorough assessment of your credit situation please click on the yellow button below to order your 3-bureau credit report. We have our clients order their own credit report, this way their credit score is not affected further.  It will only cost you $1 for a 7-day trial. We need to look at your credit report from all 3 bureaus to see what they are all reporting. When you are done with the sign up, please fill out the boxes below with the login information: username (email used above) and password. We will then review the report and see if and how we can help you improve your credit scores. If you would like to speak to us before you sign up to get your report, you can call 800.408.0168. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Please note:

A new window will open, do not close this window you need to come back to finish. 

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